Foundation year of Selematic, Amabile and Carimando Sdf and beginning of the study of the study, design and manufacturing of the first packing system for dry pasta packagings.


Following the positive market response for its own systems, our compay becomes S.n.c. and buys the ground where intends to achieve its production structure.


During 10 years the consent and attention to our company by pasta producers have grown exponentially, so it completes the development of an industrial factory covering 2000 square meters of production facilities and 600 square meters of offices and services, with substantial enhancement of organic growth a powerful boost to the company and the construction of new systems.


Since the success achieved by SELEMATIC has made the production structure previously made entirely insufficient to meet the growing needs, having planned a large investment with a consequent structural and proportionate increase of capital, SELEMATIC transforms its name from Snc in S.p.A.


Upon increase of the corporation stock, SELEMATIC SpA acquires a large industrial structure and production facilities, so it becomes an industrial area amounting to a total of 58,000 sqm, including 12,500 square meters for warehouses., office buildings over 1500 sqm and 1000 sqm building services., with the possibility of further expansion to additional 16,000 square meters.


Our company moved its manufacturing facility in the new headquarters, located in the industrial area of Eboli at Via Quattro Giornate di Eboli 5/7. During the years after the transfer of headquarters and after a necessary period of adjustment, our company has significantly increased the number of staff, developed and structured a sales organization worldwide facing new markets and new sectors, has created new and innovative systems, confirming the position reached a world leader in the packaging of pasta.


Following the set up of the production of new packing and palletizing systems, but primarily because of an increasing market consensus, the financial consideration of our production has more than doubled,so our company has expanded our production facilities adding 2500 sqm. more.