Company Profile

The Selematic company was founded in 1978 by Vito Amabile and Angelo Carimando, as a result of their long experience in technical management of an important food industry producing dry pasta, with the intent to manufacture machinery and packaging systems that would fully respond to the expectations of the world market, such as simplicity, realiability, robustness and value for money.
These conditions, together with the utmost consideration and attention for all our customers, considered "the real capital of the company", support over the years with highly qulified and experienced technicians, the continuous development of the systems to be produced with the help of the most advanced technologies, always respecting all the safety rules, are the essencial conditions under which the company and all its employees are uniformed.
Over The years, Selematic has grown steadly and continues to do so, in order to compete at the highest levels.
With a wise company policy, made of clarity of intent, realiability, fairness, professionality and the great desire to improve, ha conquered increasingly important spaces in the world market, where, over the years, has achieved a recognized position of leader, tangibly evidenced by the numerous working systems, especially in the dry pasta sector, in the most largest and important producers in over 40 countries on five continents.
Selematic now provides the complete and advanced technical solutions all all over the food sector and disposable products, from the packing machines to the finished products warehouse. It produces infact weight-checkers, metal detectors, transport system for cartons, pallets and bundles, any kind of case-packing system for american type cartons, display type cartons and wrap-around, shrinkwrapping bundling systems, palletizing systems, pallet handling systems and special systems.
Selematic also provides assistance and collaboration in the drafting and optimization of the layout, and remote-assistance service on the systems.
As evidence of the level reached in the standards of production, company organization and the respect for the environment, in the year 2000 SELEMATIC obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.
Currently Selematic, in order to structure the future and lay the "foundations" for a further growth, in involved in a major management restructuring pahse that includes a generational shift and the transfer of much if the capital stock to new generations; this is leading the company from a main-character top down management to a collegial type mgmt, with specific attributions of tasks and responsibilities, all aimed to make the Selematic ever more strong and a guaranteed and constant reference point at any level for all our customers, over the years.